Appointment Policies

Please take your time to read through our term and conditions.

We work on an appointment only system for all grooming. This is to ensure your dogs gets a pleasurable and relaxed groom & we are able to provide the quality service we aim to.

Dog grooming is a highly skilled profession and deserves the same respect and courtesy you would give to any other professional that works to an appointment system.

We request you to keep to your appointment times and ensure you arrive at the correct time with your dog suitably exercised and toileted.Your dog will be much more comfortable and relaxed during the groom.

If you are unable to attend your appointment please give us as much notice as possible!!!

Late Arrival

15 mins or more. This WILL result in you needing to re-book your appointment, and payment of missed appointment fees before being given another appointment.

Non Attendance

Failure to arrive for your appointment will result in payment of missed appointment fees before being given another appointment.

Late Cancellation

less than 48 hour notice when cancelling or re-arranging your appointment will require payment of missed appointment fees before being given another appointment.

Missed appointment charge minimum £25
Repeat offenders will be refused services by Pedigrees 'n' Pooches.

Drop Off & Collection

We are limited on space and have no toileting facilities in the salon, plus some of the dogs we groom are not dog friendly, so for your dogs safety and comfort, it is imperative the dogs are dropped off & collect at the times given.

There is a holding fee for dog dropped off more than 15 minutes before your appointment time and for collection more than 30 minutes after you have been informed your dog is ready for collection, unless this has been arranged with Pedigrees 'n' Pooches or Happy Hounds Herts in advance.
This will be charged at £5 per 15 minutes.


Please ensure your pet is treated & free from fleas. We are aware there may be the odd one or 2 so if you require a flea shampoo this is available at a small extra charge.

If we find multiple fleas on a dog during the groom resulting in the need to treat the salon, there is a minimum charge of £10, this is in addition to any other charges.


Matted, tightly tangled and/or knotted coats can cause a variety of skin & health problems.
Matted fur does not allow for air circulation to the skin, causing hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks, maggots and other parasites may be lurking in the coat causing further skin infections, burrs and other objects may be tangled in the coat and often imbedded or held against the skin causing pain, irritation and/or infection.

Matted fur also pulls and binds the skin, causing pain to your pet when they move or lay down. The skin underneath is often raw and inflamed. Matted coats will not dry properly and can lead to rotting fur and skin.

Due to matting, pets’ hair may need to be shaved extremely short to the skin and may show signs of skin irritation and sores due to matting, wet undercoat and dirty coat.

Pets that have not been groomed often enough usually result in long, stressful, or painful grooming sessions. This makes our job extremely difficult and time consuming, due to this, we will charge a minimum of £20 on top of the price of a regular groom, this will increase with the size of the dog and the severity of the matting.
If we feel that we are unable to complete this in one visit, we will inform you and you will be charged accordingly.

Pedigrees 'n' Pooches accept no responsibility for any problems caused by, or as a result of grooming a matted dog.

You should also be aware, under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 (updated 2010), section 5 -
“all animals are to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease.”

All grooming services, including ear plucking, nail clipping and the finished hair cut are dependent on your dogs behaviour and condition.

aggressive or untrained dogs may not have the hair style, finish, or full service we strive to offer, it is an owners job to ensure their dog is well maintained, and used to being handled, we will not put ourselves or any dog at risk if you have failed to ensure this.

If, for whatever reason we deem a dog is a risk to ourselves, other dogs, or itself, we will halt the groom, and advise alternative options.

Pedigrees 'n' Pooches reserve the right to amend any policies or prices without notification and our decision is final.