The most frequent question we get is, "How much will it cost to groom my dog please?"

It is a question that has no exact answer.

Just how can you quote for a dog you haven't seen, when even within the breed it can vary by + or - 10Kg? When the coat could be silky and fine, well maintained and professionally groomed on a regular basis, or thick, coarse, packed, matted, and dirty?

Factors that will affect the price of your groom in any salon are:

  • The size of dog
  • Length of its coat (now) and the length of its coat when it's finished
  • How long it has been since it was last combed (not brushed) right?
  • The quality of previous groom such as chunks missing incorrect lines.

Some of the questions we ask ourselves are:

  • How many shampoos will this dog need and how much shampoo will I need each time?
  • Will I need to use detangling or dematting products too?
  • How long will it take to bath this dog?
  • How much water will it take?
  • How long will it take to dry?
  • What style is this dog in?
  • Has it grown out (will I have to restyle from scratch or can I follow the existing pattern)?
  • Has it been to another groomer and put into different lines to standard?
  • What sort of temperament does this dog have? Will it be jumping around on the table and require training or has it already been trained to stand still?
  • Is it worth my while investing my time in training this dog and getting the lines right - will it be coming back?
  • When its last bath was
  • How "nice" your dog is, whether it stands still and loves being groomed or whether it acts like a bucking bronco as soon as it sees scissors or clippers
  • The dog's age, physical disabilities and weight. A skeletal hound is as difficult to clip as an obese dog with rolls of fat.
  • When was this dog last groomed and by whom?
  • How much grooming goes on at home? Will this dog's skin be sensitive because it has not brushed much in between visits?

So you see, we're not being elusive, please, don't be offended if we can't give you an accurate quote without meeing your dog.

Each and every full groom includes

Nails (where possible - if it took three people at the vets to pin your dog down last time you went in, no, it is not included in the groom!)

As many shampoos as is required to get your furbaby squeaky clean

Drying - by high velocity dryer and finishing dryer, depends on breed and style required

Clipping of sanitary areas and in/underfoot.

Trimming or clipping of head legs and body to owner specification or breed style.

Puppy Grooming

We offer a puppy grooming service, this is perfect as an introduction for your young dog to get used to the grooming process, a stress free, relaxed and fun service, with plenty of fuss and cuddles.

The puppy groom includes a full bath and dry, plus nails feet, face and hygiene trim, as well as nails clipped and ears cleaned.

This is charged at half the price of the full groom, and for dogs under 5 months.

To give you some idea of costs involved, these are for a regular 6 - 8 weekly groomed, well maintained and well behaved short coated dog.

If you bring us an unruly, matted dog, that has not been groomed for 6 months, one that we have to struggle with, dematt, and put in a style from scratch, the price will be substantially higher to cover time, wear and tear on equipment, and our expertise in handling and grooming.

This is our starting prices for the main breeds we have in our salon, we are more than capable of doing all breeds, so if yours breed is not here, feel free to ask and we will give you a price.


BICHON FRISE                 £46

BORDER TERRIER           £42


CAIRN TERRIER              £42


CAV K.C.                          £42

CHIHUAHUA (SHT)        £32

CHIHUAHUA (LNG)       £35

DACHS-MINI (SMTH)      £33

DACHS-MINI (LONG)       £40

DACHS-MINI (WIRE)        £40

DACHS-MINI (W) H/S    £58

JACK RUSSELL                 £40

JACK RUSSELL H/S         £55

LHASA APSO                   £44

LOWCHEN                      £50

MALTESE                           £44

POMERANIAN             £40

POODLE (TOY)               £45

PUG                                 £38

SCHNAUZER (MIN)       £44

SCHNAUZER (M-H/S)    £65

SHIH-TZU                        £44

WESTIE                           £44

WESTIE H/S                    £58

YORKIE                            £38



AMERICAN C. H/S         £68

BASSET HOUND             £38

BEAGLE                               £38

BEDLINGTON                   £48

BORDER COLLIE             £45


COCKERPOO                    £45

DACHS- ST (LONG)       £45

DACHS-ST (WIRE)          £45

DACHS- ST (W) H/S      £60

DACHS- ST(SM)               £40

ENGLISH COCKER         £45

ENGLISH C.H/S               £65



KERRY BLUE                     £50

POODLE (MINI)              £50

SCHNAUZER STD           £50

SCH STD H/S                    £70

STAFFIE                               £38

SCOTTIE                              £45

SCOTTIE H/S                     £65



AIRDALE                             £52

AIREDALE H/S                 £75

ALASKAN MAL                £75

BEARDED C. LONG       £65

BEARDED C. SHT           £50

COLLIE (ROUGH)           £60

DALMATION                     £40

ENG SETTER                      £50

GERMAN SHEP.LONG         £60


GOLDEN RET                    £50


GERYHOUND                   £38

HUNG VISLA                    £38

IRISH SETTER                   £50

JAP AKITA                          £65


L/DOODLE WOOL        £55

LABRADOOR                    £42

OLD ENGLISH                  £75

POINTER                             £40

POODLE (STD)                 £60

RIDGEBACK                      £38

ROTTWEILER                    £42

SAMOYED                          £75

SCHNAUZER (G)             £60

SCH (G) H/S                      £85

SIBERIAN HUSKY           £55

WEIMERANER                 £38


BERNESE                             £90


GREAT DANE                    £45


LEONBURGER                  £85

NEAPOL MASTIFF          £50


PYRENEAN M D              £90

ST BERNARD                    £95

We offer a walk in service for nail clipping & microchipping.
 The one thing we do ask, is that you give us a ring beforehand, as we are not always free to do a nail clip, and to save yourself a wasted journey.

Nail Clipping    £10 

Microchip, implant & registration  £15