Your First Visit

As a new client, we require you to bring your dog for registration with us.
This an informal meet and greet, normally this takes anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes, Its a pressure free chance to have a chat, and answer any questions you have, go through paperwork and policies, as well as you getting a chance to see whether you and your dog are happy to come to us.

It also allows us, to assess your dogs behavior, coat and condition, and discuss what you grooming needs are and give you an accurate price in a hassle free relaxed session, so when you bring them in for their first groom, it is a quick and easy drop off.

At the end, we will book your first appointment with us, and take a 50% deposit.

Dropping Off

We will greet you and your dog, some may be nervous coming in, if this is the case we advise to make the drop of a quick and calm as possible. In most cases as soon as the owner has left, the dogs attitude changes and they calm right down. 

Please try not to pander to their actions, or show your emotion, the dogs will pick up on this, get upset or distresses, and it may make things more difficult for us.

Please ensure your dog is kept on a lead, and the lead handed to us on entry.

The Grooming Process

Depending on the condition of the dog, and the required style, we may do a rough clip off pre bath. If not, they will get double bath in the correct shampoo to suit the dogs coat, skin, or health conditions. They will get as many baths as needed to ensure they are fully clean, (flea shampoo incurs an extra charge.

Next they will be towel dried, and then with a suitable dryer, they will be fully blown dried, and depending on coat type and condition, fluffed, de-matted, and de-shedded.

They will then have their ears cleaned, and if necessary plucked, and nails trimmed.

This is followed by the finishing haircut, whether it is clipped, hand scissored, or a combination of both, depends on the desired style, and finish of the dog.

A small example of our grooming.